Top Tea Festivals- Second flush tea

Celebrate the World's Top Tea Festivals

Tea is not just a beverage; it is a cultural phenomenon celebrated by millions around the globe. From the lush gardens of Darjeeling to the serene landscapes of Japan, tea festivals offer a unique glimpse into the world of tea, its traditions, and its enthusiasts. At Makaibari, we are passionate about sharing our love for tea, including our renowned Second flush Darjeeling tea, moonlight tea, and other exceptional Makaibari tea varieties. Join us as we explore and celebrate some of the world's top tea festivals.

  1. Darjeeling Tea Festival, India

Second-flush Darjeeling tea is often hailed as the "Champagne of Teas," and what better place to celebrate it than at the Darjeeling Tea Festival? Held annually in the picturesque town of Darjeeling, this festival is a tribute to the region's rich tea heritage. Visitors can tour the famous tea estates, including the historic Makaibari Estate, and participate in tea-tasting sessions that highlight the unique flavors of the Second flush Darjeeling tea.


- Tea estate tours and plucking demonstrations

- Workshops on tea blending and brewing techniques

- Cultural performances and local cuisine


  1. World Tea Expo, USA

 The World Tea Expo is one of the largest and most influential tea events in the world. Held annually in Las Vegas, this trade show brings together tea professionals, retailers, and enthusiasts from all over the globe. It's a perfect venue to discover new tea trends, sample a wide array of teas, including moonlight tea and Second flush Darjeeling tea, and learn from industry experts.


- Educational sessions and workshops

- Exhibits from leading tea brands and suppliers

- Networking opportunities with tea industry professionals


  1. Kyoto Tea Festival, Japan

Japan is renowned for its tea culture, and the Kyoto Tea Festival is a celebration of this ancient tradition. Held in the historic city of Kyoto, the festival offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, sample exquisite teas, and learn about the art of tea from master tea practitioners. The serene environment of Kyoto provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying delicate teas such as moonlight tea.


- Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies

- Tea-tasting sessions with local and international teas

- Workshops on tea cultivation and preparation


  1. Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival, China

China, the birthplace of tea, hosts the Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival, a grand event that attracts tea lovers from around the world. The festival showcases China's rich tea heritage and offers visitors a chance to explore various tea types, including green, black, oolong, and the increasingly popular moonlight tea. The festival also features cultural performances, tea art demonstrations, and a marketplace for tea-related products.


- Tea-tasting events and tea art demonstrations

- Cultural performances and traditional Chinese music

- Marketplace for tea and tea accessories


  1. Melbourne Tea Festival, Australia

The Melbourne Tea Festival is a vibrant celebration of all things tea. Held annually in the heart of Melbourne, this festival features a diverse range of tea vendors, educational workshops, and tea-tasting sessions. Visitors can sample teas from around the world, including Second flush Darjeeling tea and moonlight tea, and learn about the latest trends in tea brewing and consumption.


- Tea market with local and international vendors

- Workshops on tea blending and brewing techniques

- Live entertainment and food stalls


  1. Tea and Coffee Festival, UK

The UK has a long-standing tradition of tea drinking, and the Tea and Coffee Festival is a testament to this enduring love for tea. Held in London, the festival offers a unique blend of tea and coffee experiences, with a focus on premium teas such as Makaibari tea. Visitors can enjoy tea-tasting sessions, meet tea producers, and explore the latest innovations in the tea industry.


- Tea-tasting sessions and masterclasses

- Exhibits from leading tea and coffee brands

- Networking opportunities with tea enthusiasts and professionals


  1. Taiwan Tea Expo, Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its oolong teas, and the Taiwan Tea Expo is a premier event that celebrates the island's rich tea culture. Held in Taipei, the expo features a wide range of activities, including tea-tasting sessions, tea art demonstrations, and educational workshops. Visitors can sample a variety of Taiwanese teas, including moonlight tea, and learn about the traditional methods of tea cultivation and preparation.


- Tea-tasting sessions with Taiwanese teas

- Tea art demonstrations and cultural performances

- Workshops on tea cultivation and processing techniques


  1. Hong Kong International Tea Fair, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong International Tea Fair is a major event in the tea calendar, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The fair showcases a vast array of teas, including Second flush Darjeeling tea and moonlight tea, and offers a platform for tea businesses to network and explore new market opportunities. The event also features tea-tasting sessions, seminars, and competitions.


- Tea-tasting sessions and competitions

- Seminars on tea trade and market trends

- Networking opportunities with global tea professionals


  1. Assam Tea Festival, India

Assam, known for its robust black teas, hosts the Assam Tea Festival, a celebration of the region's tea heritage. The festival offers visitors a chance to tour tea estates, witness tea plucking and processing, and enjoy tea-tasting sessions featuring Assam's finest teas. The festival also includes cultural performances, local cuisine, and traditional Assamese hospitality.


- Tea estate tours and plucking demonstrations

- Tea-tasting sessions with Assam teas

- Cultural performances and local cuisine

Tea festivals around the world offer a unique opportunity to explore and celebrate the rich diversity of tea cultures and traditions. Whether you are a seasoned tea enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these festivals provide an immersive experience into the world of tea. At Makaibari, we are proud to be part of this global tea community, offering our exceptional varieties. Join us in celebrating the art and culture of tea at these incredible festivals, and discover the magic that each cup of tea holds.

By exploring these festivals, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and cultural significance behind each cup of Makaibari tea. Celebrate the world of tea with us and elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights. Cheers to the joy of tea!

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